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From Kuala Lumpur along Route 5 north to sekinchan urban areas, to enjoy seafood, to understand life and look at the sea fishing village on the left to the sea; If you want to look at the vast rice fields, then turn right, there is A , B, C where the village every year in June and December, have to wait for covering large tracts of rice harvest, and the blue sky white clouds formed a broad convergence of the land of incomparable scenery, And what their minds at ease, in particular joy.
Sekinchan sand Baian County is located in Selangor state. This county, with nine major fishing port. Rich in seafood, as well as with the long-term accumulation of fishermen formed the unique culture and way of life has become a style unique to these areas. Which are sent out sekinchan blessed, because she is not only a fish-rich harbor, inland areas are fertile rice fields, allowing her to fish, with fish, there are meters to meters, it was a "land of plenty" The laudatory. Sekinchan the British colonial era known as the "orang-Hong Kong", said that this is Chaozhou people called out, as when British troops landed from a fishing port, and lived in the harbor, so there is such a call. Now sekinchan has no "orang" in sight, most outsiders are local tourists, which not only come for the seafood gourmands, but also promising paddy landscape photography from the photography enthusiasts, there are even more visitors are mostly day-trippers.
When compared with other regions, especially for travel conditions, sekinchan definitely has a strong advantage. Malaysia never lacked the harbor fishing villages, but also many locally owned large tracts of flat rice fields, the beach is endless, but as a collection of like sekinchan the three kinds of features and landscape, local, or commendable. And sekinchan also planted a lot of fruits and vegetables, sweet and delicious fruit is also the other temptations. To take advantage of the weekend to a trip can be traveled fishing villages, fields, beach, but also enjoy the delicious seafood, fruit, value do you say no?
Land of plenty, and so lush
One side is a vast and flat paddy fields, one side is the harbor and customs, unique sekinchan, reap an advantage for the visitors opened the door leading to the "land of plenty" in the door, found her horses.

1. Fishing: 1:00 quiet, sometimes lively
To sekinchan, I would first of all in the fishing village within the cruise. I walk the streets between the fishing village to explore the unique landscape of life, as well as meet the locals chat, feel their passion and simplicity.
Fishing village, that is, Bagan (with A, B, C formed sekinchan village), is the birthplace of sekinchan. Probably in the 1920s, sekinchan is still a small fishing village, the early inhabitants are almost all Chaozhou who are also fishermen who depend on fishing for their livelihood. This small fishing village, then gradually move the population from outside come in, and eventually developed into today's scale.
Today's Bagan, is still dominated by fishing industry, but for seafood admiring patrons, prompting the emergence of seafood restaurants, every weekend, the sea is particularly lively, filled with a taste of the seafood restaurant goers, they tasted delicious After the Yuxia Xie certainly admire its price will be cheaper, giving people the feeling of live up to this trip.
I am not come to Sekinchan weekend, and therefore escaped the excitement that hit the headlines, but so leisurely and comfortably be able to roam in the fishing village and quiet fishing village to find that the afternoon of life.
Afternoon sun is very fierce, so the weather is most suitable for drying salted fish. Those who spread the net of salted fish racks, side by side issued by bursts of salty, baking under the sun gradually became withered, contraction, stiffness, and that the original Huanen under the skin in the reflection is also flashes of silver light, while the Indonesian workers were busy cutting the side of more fish in preparation for the next round of salted fish production.
In the fishing boats did not return until the quiet fishing village are particular. Some people took advantage of slack, since the nets to fill, while others, lying in a hammock sleeping too, even Gilmore duo after the engine pumping, mixed with a Liangsheng barking, followed by return to silence.
I passed the temple that day happens to be Poseidon vacation days, better, where young people gathered in the preparations. I told them to ask for directions, the result would have been used Moroccan duo take the initiative to send me a way, saved my leg muscles. Next, in a fishing boat moored stations, there are girls would ask me to eat dumplings; Also, since no umbrella, went to an Aunt out loud at me even caring: "Oh, such a sun, you take an umbrella bar!" these people are revealing their external warmth of the people and the birth of their sekinchan is bound to have a rare trait, so that behaved in the United States and Germany and the hospitality of this land has nourished.
4 o'clock, I rushed back to Hong Kong to see fishing boats unloading. Back from the sea fishing boats, one after another 4:00 after entering the tributaries of the coast is built into the unloading station. Suddenly, the quiet fishing village on the retired, and in exchange for the unloading and the outcry vibrant scenes look at the harvest atmosphere enveloped the sea.
Back from the sea fishing boats, through the narrow tributaries, through the other fishing boats parked along the way to discharge site, such as hull gracefully position, unloading began. Pending receipt of the boss, have long been ready. I saw the workers on board, the catch of seafood, 11 from the blue plastic buckets filled with tales poured into the empty basket, the water on the Raining Cats and flow elsewhere. Then a basket filled with seafood directly sent through the frame a good wheel site, the shore to catch the boss a basket, just got into the weight scales, and a record-oriented people who shouted: "Cat Fish 5 pounds", "10 pounds prawns "" Su-Dong 10 pounds "... ... a wide variety of seafood, one after another came from the ship, other workers have also started cleaning the work and the seafood category, put into the freezer box. We each have their own busy spot looks like chaos is chaos in the orderly, are shouting and diligent work of the steps leading to the illusion.
These kinds of seafood will be sent in after the bazaar. However, some people in order to obtain fresh seafood, they come to buy in advance. In which a pair of Malay couple, originally sekinchan residents, and later moved to 100 kilometers away from the whole place to live, but it is still a week trip back home, just to purchase fresh seafood. I asked them: "never too far away?" They smiled and replied: "Fresh Well, buy a one-off week."

2. Rice: ocean green
Yes, almost everyone, a thought sekinchan, we think of as piece into a piece connected to rice fields, or green, or yellow, to see what is in season.
Stretching wide rice fields, under the blue sky and white clouds appear to be more open Chang Huai, but also the unique atmosphere of distributed pastoral scenes. Thus, there has become a paradise for many photography enthusiasts Liulianwangfan, group after group of photographers fought the arrival of sekinchan intake of beauty in recent years, there is wedding photography has become a popular venue for the new pairs to-day Hotan as the background, leaving behind a lifetime promise fixing sekinchan, forever to remain in their memories of the.
Sekinchan paddy fields so famous, and sometimes people forget that she was originally just a small fishing village. Sekinchan of origin is a small fishing village, but then gradually migrated to this outsider to settle in and found the soil suitable for farming here, so that people who are involved in farming, more and more later sekinchan is to develop into a national the highest rice production areas, farmers must be hard to witness, but also this piece of land to the sekinchan's blessings.
Connected into a piece of rice fields, and wandering around in the A, B, C between the villages, the vast stretch, people extremely broad vision, but also makes you want at any time can not help but burst into one of the fields lying unconscious impulses. A, B, C Village, is a state of emergency era. At that time, the British Government in order to prevent and control the horses and the people were contacted, then forced the villagers lived life, the formation of these three villages was established.
Malaysian's deeds have been away for decades, the next seeding and harvesting seasons do not know how many rounds to switch from the green turn golden ears of rice, bringing harvest expectations again and again, enough to make up for all the hard work.
The end of May I was the arrival of sekinchan, and then rice and began to mature, she looks at the Awata still verdant, but penetration of a Cecil yellow, in the backdrop of the setting sun exposure, increasingly obvious that a few number of days, Harvesters must issue skirr, back and forth in the fields and harvested rice piled up are pleased with the peasants.
I walked on the ridge, across high and my chest and the green fields of rice to put up surrounded by endless green flooded as, in silence, looking distant and the Scarecrow. Irrigation channels occasional lotus leaf to crouch down and saw the curved hanging ears of rice, Fengyi Chui, swaying together, truly beautiful; a rise, they saw the ocean of green among the other people who were flooded waved to me, He was a farmer, pack her face to prevent the sun causes sunburn, though invisible to his face, I knew that he was against me laugh.

3. The beach: By the beach watching the sunset
As a seaport fishing village sekinchan been so close to the sea. There is the sea, there will be beaches, sandy beaches, good sea breeze can be Chuichui relaxation, while the face of the Straits of Malacca to the sea, just can see the sunset. Sunset Beach Canada, good scenery ah!
Seen fishing villages and rice fields, but also near Dusk. At this time, there is a place, perhaps a day trip for you before leaving the last one is worth a place to go and stay for a while, that is sekinchan beaches.
Here's the beach, small, and no white sandy beaches, generally no one will come to swim, but Chuichui sea breeze, take a look at the sunset, it would be a good choice. It is worth mentioning that the placement of several beach for rest and equipment, such equipment is also very interesting.
I first saw a small pavilion alive a tree, it is just up the stairs, you can sit in twos and threes with the top of the pavilion where chat is just like an open wing, or one of the rooms facing the sea, you do not the same as "VIP" experience.
Near the trees at the tree, but also pull people hanging that can lie down in the "net beds" in general for the two to lie down, it is very gratifying equipment. When the sea breeze blowing, sound of waves, it is easy to produce hypnotic effects, can lie on line nap should be a great pleasure in life bar. However, in the evening, come, have a blog in the chat, no one to sleep.
At dusk, I saw Chigui fishing just in time to come back before dark. Movement of fishing vessels, from the Malacca Strait, facing the waves, entered the port, safe return, declaring the end of the day, crafts, and so tomorrow at dawn, we will go sailing, to continue day after day of fishing career, in exchange for harvest, in exchange for their livelihood.
Golden sunset thrown in the sea, will soon be hidden in the darkness. Taking advantage of the setting sun is infinitely good, people come to this, there are dog-walking, there are a slapstick chase, there are chat, there are walking with one of leisurely relaxed, this may be the unique charm of the beach, always easy to relax , freely activity.

Mmmm, delicious!
To sekinchan natural taste of the seafood here, or would really go into the Baoshan empty-handed.
At a friend's recommendation and under the leadership of flag I came to build hotels, as long as one of the three forks in the road turn right into the sea to see. The hotel had been to television, to delicious seafood and home cooking of the characteristics of well-known.
Proprietress warm hospitality, brings out this store the most adept of the food, good news is that the tables of food, not a luxury, and having window-dressing dinner, but the most plain of homemade side dishes. That fresh seafood, properly deployed, together with the master's cooking skill, in a word: delicious.
1. Shark porridge
Hot weather, the best spur of the moment. Shark porridge pot, which hides the shark meat, ginger, fish balls, vegetable garden, mixed in with sweet soup, feeling very much moisture, especially comfortable.
2. Pepper shrimp
Sometimes, the most mundane dishes, often people can not stop chopsticks, you've always wanted to send to the mouth. Pepper shrimp, is just one dish. Using a special hot pepper, the chopped shrimp fried a fire, accompanied by an increase aroma curry leaves, on the tables of the. Although there is little sauce, but very suitable for fishing for food to eat.
3. Sand Cat Fish pot
Tang lice rich sand pot flavor from ginger, garlic, pepper and sub-three interwoven out. Cat Fish Huanen texture, accompanied by hot and sour taste, very appetizing.
4. Fried tiger shark
Tiger shark skin, protein-rich, but also contain glial good bones. This layer of skin, eat up and taste a bit like a sea cucumber, is a unique culinary experience.

Sekinchan (Sekinchan), because she has a good name ─ ─ suitable for farming villages. Sekinchan the identity of the original, in fact, is a rice planting area along the coast, that is today's sea area. Due to the geographical environment, blessed, not only has vast paddy fields into the film, but also rich in fish, the fishing port, we must have m m, to the fish the fish, it is "fishing village rice," said. This unique kept alive the Selangor state government announced in 2005, we must work to develop sekinchan become an agricultural tourist attractions.
Sekinchan A, B, C, and the sea fishing village of each other. From A Village to begin with, there were 200 people, mostly ethnic Chinese are Fujianese, 90% are peasants. A village surrounded by rice fields and orchards, planted many fruits and vegetables, including mangoes, oranges, pepper, water, Weng, longan, dragon fruit and so on, there are many "fruit" sweet surprise!
B Village is the largest village in sekinchan, Hakka, and Cantonese is almost the "edge of" largest population, is about more than 400 families. Where residents have engaged in agriculture business, coupled with a long history of the village there are many old shop, tea rooms, grocery stores are also concentrated, so the streets coming and going, very lively.
B down the street from the village, walking through the city you can go to C village. C village smaller, but it is a place inhabited by rice farmers, namely 350 people, mostly Fujianese. Whenever Daohe ripe when harvested, C villages everywhere filled with a joyful atmosphere. Moreover, C, and B the village between the villages of the city, is sekinchan commercial area and activity centers, in addition to shops, all kinds of associations, political parties, rural groups, and other clubs are concentrated here.
When the fishing village into the sea when is another new face of the sea ... are mostly villagers, Chaozhou people fishing as a career. Fishermen are usually four or five points to the sea in the morning until 5 pm only gradually returned, but also be brought back a number of fresh fish and shrimp.

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